Rdhva Dhanurasana - Wheel Pose

Even in yoga, there is a posture which can heal our heart. This incredible posture not only opens up your heart but also heals heartbreak and makes you more emphatic, fulfilled and ready for new adventures.

Here are the instructions on how to get into the pose:

  • Start by laying on your back, knees bent, and feet hip distance apart.
  • Make sure, your entire back is on the floor and tuck your chin in.
  • Draw your heels up towards your buttocks, keeping your knees in line with the hip points.
  • Reach your fingertips down so that your fingertips are touching your heels.
  • Make sure you are pressing down into the earth through all 4 corners of your feet.
  • With inhalation scoop your tail-bone up and draw your navel down towards your spine.
  • You now have a choice:

1. Bridge pose – for those who are doing the pose for the first time

  • If you prefer to do a bridge pose, then with inhalation start lifting your hipbones up.
  • Hands are flat on the mat, pressing down into the earth.
  • Continue to lift your hips higher with each inhalation.
  • Keep your neck nice and long, do not look around, stay aligned, knees aligned with your hips and keep your buttocks soft (do not squeeze together).
  • Then slowly come back down and relax, press your knees into your belly.

2. Wheel Pose – for those who already know the posture

  • Lie down on your back as described above.
  • Bring your palms to each side of your head, fingers facing the shoulders.
  • Try to keep your hands parallel with your shoulders.
  • Press down into the earth with your legs and with all four corners of your feet and hands.
  • Slowly start lifting up your hips, lower back, ribs and maybe bring the crown of your head down to the floor.
  • Keep your buttocks active and squeezed.
  • If you feel this is OK, you can continue pushing all the way up into wheel pose.
  • Lift your heels to ease the posture.
  • You can keep your knees and elbows bent if you feel you have to.
  • Open up your chest through your arms. Send love to people you are grateful for.
  • Stay here for a couple of breaths, if you can, lift one leg, then the other.
  • Then with exhalation slowly come back down on to your back and pull your knees to your chest.
  • Relax.

This posture stretches your intercostal (breathing) muscles, your entire spine as well as the tension in your hips. It also strengthens your arms, wrists, abdomen, legs, shoulder muscles and helps to improve your posture.

Do not do Wheel pose in case of weak wrists, back injuries, or during pregnancy. If you have a fiery nature, only do bridge pose and do not do more than 3 lift ups per week as an intense practice may awaken too much fire in the body and cause a dis-balance.

Remember to feel pure unconditional and never-ending love, stay present in the moment, listen to, connect to and feel your heart. It is important to feel right when you do the posture.

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