Be Your Own Master

'From the whole to the whole' – is our mantra for this week. Here we are…I never thought it will all pass so fast! We are almost at the end. I can imagine some of you thinking: "It cannot be over yet – I am not ready and above all I did not manage to feel joy at all times, my postures are far away from perfect, I am nowhere near connecting with my heart and of course I could not stick to the routine I promised myself I would do every day!"

Whatever you did – it is great because you did the best you could
If you are right now feeling or thinking of any of the above-mentioned sentences, then I have to honestly tell you: "You truly did a great job!" You were working hard, maybe too hard and maybe what you actually needed to feel joy at all times, was to try less and to accept yourself as you are – with a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

Negative and positive, good and bad – all are part of the whole
When you set an intention and work towards fulfilling it, you can get frustrated at times, especially when you start to compare yourself with others. These could be feelings of guilt, anger, sadness or disappointment. You are not the only one having these emotions – they happen to all of us. Sometimes, whilst being bombarded from all sides with images of perfect bodies, skin, hair, health, food and lifestyle, you might start to feel inadequate. I personally think it is very sad, that when we feel like this, we do not want to see anyone and we hide until we feel perfect again.

True perfection is about learning to be happy with our imperfections
Being a promoter of healthy and balanced lifestyle, I did put immense pressure on myself and for a long time, I believed that in order to be able to teach others, I had to be perfect and totally balanced. However, the more I tried to be this person, the less it worked. Until one day it clicked and this was the first day in my life when I truly enjoyed being angry and upset! Since then, I have always allowed my emotions to come to the surface. I am not ashamed or worried to confess having feelings of anger, sadness or worry, etc. Being able to accept any types of emotion as and when they arise allows me to generate joy and perfect balance within me. I know that the tears will pass and that I am perfectly OK as I am.

Here are some tips for this last week:

  • Use your breath: Stand or sit still, close your eyes, connect to the earth, connect to the sky and then bring both forces into your heart, feeling the whole universe within you. Feel its strength and the connection between everyone and everything around you, knowing the universe is within you and that you have the power to manifest anything you like. Feel the oneness and the healing energy. Practice equanimity to any kind of thoughts or emotions as they arise. Use incense of: frankincense, myrrh, hyssop or helichrysum.
  • Feel and connect: Let's connect to your pure and innocent nature this week with no external influences. Remember what it was like to be a child – super relaxed and chilled. Find your inner child and bring it out to play this week, be at one with this child, go crazy and do as many unusual things as possible and enjoy it!
  • Nurture and take care of your digestion: Try out a diet high in fibre, whole grains and vegetables. Instead of water, you can rehydrate by eating a coconut and drinking coconut water. To decrease your sugar intake use stevia instead.
  • Create: Connect with people around you, your community and provide the initiative to create something together. Work on a common aim, join forces and feel how interconnected you all are. Create an event for people in need or a wonderful gathering for your village, friends or family. Realise that we all have very similar wishes and needs at the end of the day.
  • Move consciously using Asanas or Yoga postures for more mastery in life: SARVANGASANA – SHOULDER-STAND.

Choosing joy means accepting yourself in every single moment of your life with unconditional love and compassion. It might take time and practice, but one day you will get there. When you start to enjoy, accept and just observe your emotions without judging or analysing them, they arise less often and have less of an impact.

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