Use your Core and Persevere

A long time ago Confucius said: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” After setting the intention, making the plan and committing to it, what remains to be practised is perseverance. It is easy to start, yet the hardest test comes when you need to keep on going no matter what happens.

Continuity is the key
One of my teachers once told me a story:

There was a man, who was walking through the mountain peaks, seeking joy and happiness. Before he started, a master living in those mountains appeared in his dreams, telling him he had to keep going and should not stop on his way, no matter what.

As soon as he started walking, there were many caves popping up. At the beginning, there were caves filled with food, pleasures and gold. He thought of his teacher and continued, not spending too long in any of the caves. It was not easy to resist, yet he managed. Soon, other types of caves appeared, filling him with love and happiness as well as with magic powers. He started to believe that he had reached the final cave and did not need to continue walking any longer. Then he remembered his master. He realised that in order to continuously feel joy he had to go on and never stop. Even once he thought he had found what he was searching for.

Keep on going only if for a minute a day
Do not let worldly pleasures, small achievements or moments of joy convince you that you have reached your final goal. This will result only in you giving up your practice and following your old patterns of behaviour. You need to be strong and persist. It is your mind playing with you, telling you how great you are that you succeeded so fast! Once you stop practising, old patterns will take over and the feelings of joy will disappear. Remember, true joy is continuous, therefore it needs continuous effort.

Core – the centre from which you carry out your actions
Perseverance is deeply connected with your core. Where is the core of your body? Your core is your belly. This is where your life force, creative power, and willpower to move on are all stored. When acting and moving from this point, many things in your life will change. There are different ways how you can actively engage your core and connect with the fountain of strength and power from within. No matter how much time you decide to take, I encourage you to try to do everything you do from your core or at least focus on your core as much as you can throughout the day. You will notice a difference by the end of the week!

Here are your options for the upcoming week:

  • Use your breath: Lay on your belly, legs hip-width apart, turn your heels inwards, hold your elbows and put your head on your forearms. Breathe into your belly, let go of your thoughts. Feel your belly and the centre of your body, your core. Use any of the following scents to connect deeper with your core: juniper, myrrh, lemon balm.
  • Feel and connect: Walk out of your belly, consciously. Feel how every single step is being initiated in your belly, with your core energy.
  • Nurture and take care of your digestion: Eat foods that boost your circulation: celery, raw seeds, oats, citrus, avocados or any of these teas: ginger, garlic or ginkgo biloba tea.
  • Create: Dance, connect with your inner fire and let it out.
  • Move consciously using Asanas or Yoga postures for strengthening your core: CHATURANGA DANDASANA – FOUR-LIMBED STICK POSE.

No matter how difficult the situation, believe you can do it. Listen to yourself only, even if everyone is telling you that you are on the wrong path. Find a quiet place and connect to the centre of your force. Let your inner voice guide you.

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