Practical Joy

Imagine a life, where no matter what happens you feel balanced, happy and at peace. Being joyful at all times is your choice. It is your thoughts and behavioural patterns which make you choose joy, again and again, every morning, throughout every single day, evening and night. This section will teach you how to benefit most from your thoughts using only 10 simple steps.

Feel joy. Simple words, yet how to be joyful at all times?
It is indeed very simple – as with all the best things in life. All you have to do is to relax because you all carry huge amounts of joy within you already. Therefore, all you need to do is choose that you want to feel joy, keep choosing it every day, again and again, then allow yourself to experience it and to share it.

Origins of the idea
This programme came into existence when I was at the peak of my career, being super happy and finally achieving more than I ever dared to dream about. Until one evening when I was gratefully thanking the universe for the abundance whilst looking out of a window, I hit my head with the severe concussion, which forced me to stop and take time for myself only. I lost my busy and very well paid job since I was unable to work for months, however, the accident surprisingly coincided with a visit from my Buddhist friends in my hometown. It was as if the universe once again took my fate into its hands and decided there was something more important awaiting me.

Life is transient – we only have the present moment
During my recovery, I slept for weeks, I could not think, all I could feel was my heart and even slight thinking caused severe pains in my head. So I gave in and stopped thinking about deadlines, projects and even about joy and happiness. I simply focused on my heart and felt love filling it. It was enough. I did not have anything else to do but accept the present and take time to heal. During this time I realized how transient our lives are. Every day we work to earn money and focus our attention on something that is yet to come – to lose weight, to build a house, to have family or a career, to earn enough to buy new designer clothes, to be happy.... all whilst being too busy to make our dreams come true. We constantly forget to enjoy the present moment!

Nothing can make you happier than living fully in the moment of now
Watching my friends create an incredibly beautiful sand mandala during this time taught me a lot about being present in the moment of now. They did not create this piece of art to keep it and expose it. They were present during every single moment of making it, fully enjoying and feeling it. Just after it was finished, the sand was collected into a jar and poured into the river – back to nature. These monks were able to feel joy at all times.

Sitting with the monks for an entire two weeks really inspired me. I believed that if they could do it, there must be a way for me to do it as well. So, after my recovery, I started to create my own practice to allow me to feel complete balance and joy. It took me only half a year to see the first changes, which is why I am now sharing my experience with you.

What and Why?
This section covers 10 simple steps for you to use at home in order to bring more balance and joy into your daily life. While following the steps and experimenting on your own at home you will be inspired to do the following:

  • To do something for yourself. Even if you do not follow it until the end, you gave it a try.
  • To learn to live in the present.
  • To become your own coach, create your own programmes and recipes for happiness and success free of charge!
  • Finally, to impact the people around you with your positive and balanced attitude and to contribute to a happy and more connected world effortlessly. Happiness and joy are contagious!

How to connect?
Each article gives tips and techniques you can try out at home for at least a week or two and then move on to the next article and its practice. All you need to do is to have a look at what is suggested and to take what best suits you, add your favourite scent and make something entirely new out of it. Choose one or two tips per week only and do them with your full awareness. Remember, only when you are consciously observing what happens, whilst using certain food, herbs, scents or moving in a certain way, will you be able to connect with your true needs and your true self. This is, therefore, a prerequisite for any changes you wish to make. Relax and make your own schedule.

I also invite you to share a picture or a report showing what happened to you at any time during your practice. I will collect your contributions, answer your questions and sometimes even post some of your stories to spread love and joy.

If you believe there is nothing else out there but yourself, who has the power to change your life, to be completely happy, balanced and at peace, feeling pure joy at every single moment of your life then you are completely ready to start today.

If you have any questions, would like to share your experiences with me, discuss any technique in details, or book a private session, write to me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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