"Inner sanctuary is a state of consciousness, sustaining itself by a peaceful mind and a compassionate heart."

Dalai Lama

Inner Sanctuary

What Is Inner Sanctuary?

Inner Sanctuary represents my personal service to you – inspiring, encouraging, sharing my experience as well as being there for you as you grow in balance and joy. With help of ancient traditional techniques and knowledge, you will be guided to create a centre of inner peace enabling you to return to your own Inner Sanctuary whenever you wish. I believe the only true oasis of peace and happiness exists within ourselves. Therefore, all activities are uniquely tailored to suit your individual needs and personalities. Thematic workshops can be organized upon request for groups of a minimum of 5 people.

How to Best Use This Page?

In order to get the most benefits from my services, please follow these steps:

  1. Consciously take time for yourself and read as many STORIES as you can. Stories in each category are connected one to the other, thus start at the beginning.
  2. Be honest with yourself: do you feel inspired by what you read and see?
  3. If yes – check my offer in section SOLUTIONS.
  4. Contemplate: what do you feel you want to change?
  5. Once you have found it – be once again honest: are you truly willing to do it – will you take time daily and practice?
  6. If yes – choose one of the offers under SOLUTIONS and contact me. Together we will find a suitable practice for you.
  7. Be persistent and continue practising every day. Your success is guaranteed.

Please Note

Despite many certificates, I am not going to teach or coach you. If you are looking for a therapy, please find a qualified doctor or therapist. What I offer is my selfless sharing of what I have experienced on my journey up until now. Thus, do not expect me to tell you the universal truth and do not follow my words blindly, just because something worked out for me.

During our sessions I want you to be creative and critical – only if you will be ready to experiment and find your own practice, you will be able to get the most benefits. To sum up, let me inspire you, take as much as you personally need, try out what best works for you and once you have found it, keep on practising it every day, go out, share and inspire others, yet do not try to teach or preach.

How Much Does it Cost?

In order to contribute to peace and happiness of all that truly desire so, I do my best to adjust the donation costs for my services and experiences to every pocket. Therefore, you have a choice to donate material things, service or money, whatever best fits into your situation. It is for me of great value to see you grateful, happy and balanced, as well as sharing and caring for people around you.

About Me

About me

“Use your smile to change the world.
Do not allow the world
to change your smile!”


I am always curious, love nature, peace and serenity. I believe that in life everything is possible when we engage in a positive attitude with a pinch of natural logic. I feel very lucky that for more than ten years I've had a chance to learn, work under the guidance of wonderful Mentors and leading Masters of their profession from different countries around the world. For me sharing my experiences and joyful moments means caring because when we do things together they become much much better. I wish, one day, all people have the opportunity to realise how wonderful and easy it is to be alive when we allow ourselves to be who we truly are.

My Qualifications:

  • Masters in International Relations and Human Rights, Major in the Rights of Indigenous People and Children.
  • Lunar Arts – Prana Flow Teacher training and Kalaripayattu practitioner under the supervision of Shiva Rea.
  • Yin Yoga Teacher training under the supervision of Paul & Suzee Grilley and Josh Summers.
  • Yoga Therapy teacher under the supervision of Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal.
  • Face Yoga Method Practitioner under the supervision of Fumiko Takatsu.
  • Fertility, Pregnancy and Baby Yoga under the supervision of Francoise Freedman.
  • Qualified Yoga Teacher (incl. Children, Families and Communities) under the supervision of Rainbow Kids Yoga.
  • Qualified Ayurvedic Consultant (Inclusion: Ayurvedic Massages, Marma Acupressure, Reflexology and Ayurvedic Facial Treatments) under the supervision of Vivek B. Gaur.
  • Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner under the mentorship of world-famous herbalist Kathi Kevile.
  • British Association for Art Therapists and professional experience in the field of art therapy.
  • Teacher and Promoter of the Model of Compassionate and Non-Violent Communication under the supervision of Matthew Bloom.
  • Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master and Teacher under the mentorship of renowned psychotherapist Dough Buckingham.
  • Certified Tesla Metamorphosis I & II practitioner under the mentorship of Anja Petrović.

Life is a Dream – Let's Make it Real!

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