Rest and Nurture

After grounding, centring, developing your strength, learning to forgive and stay present no matter what, it is now time to rest and to practice patience. You might find it strange, yet this is one of the characteristics that too many of you forget to develop whilst reaching towards your goals. It has been 40 days since the beginning of your practice, which is the minimum time needed for new habits to form, allowing you to internalise them and naturally act in accordance with them. Therefore, this is now the perfect time to rest.

Sometimes a break from a routine is the very thing you need
In order to successfully pursue your goals, you do sometimes have to rest, rejuvenate and store your energy for what is yet to come. This week, I encourage you to take time, pause, breathe, relax, release any stress, release the need for everything to have happened yesterday and restore. It is enough to just take a deep breath or if you have time rest for a bit longer, a few days or even a week. Sometimes, taking a break helps you not only to see things differently and to become more creative but also to accomplish things better than you would if you did not stop.

Rest actively – enjoy nature
Sitting in front of the TV or hanging around engaged with social media is not resting. Try to go out and enjoy nature. Observe it and all of the fruit it provides and collect some of the plants/fruits that speak to you. Mix the freshly pressed fruits you collected with water and enjoy the taste. You can add a bit of lemongrass plant or mint to calm down your mind and to completely relax your body. Try to sweeten your incredible drink with home honey, nurturing you and giving your body all that it needs.

So simple, so pure and with immediate effect
Why nature? When you go outdoors into nature, its purity reflects the beauty you are carrying within and this is why the relaxation and joy when surrounded by nature occurs instantly. Still, for many accepting this simplicity is unimaginable. There is a belief that in order to be able to feel love, joy and to be free, one has to pursue complicated meditative practice, do slavery work, or sacrifice oneself for the higher good. Hopefully, while spending time in nature, you can drop such beliefs and completely change your mind.

To make your practice as easy as possible, here are my tips for this week:

  • Use your breath: Lie down on your back and bring your legs up to the wall. Focus on your belly inflating and deflating and allow the blood to flow towards your head, which will help you to relax your mind. Use eye pillows filled with lavender blossoms to relax deeper or Lavender and Vetiver essential oils. Forget about what should be done and what you wish to happen. Try to remain in the moment for a while and maybe when you have finished and are completely relaxed, what you wished for is there awaiting you!
  • Feel and connect: Take a bath, burn incense, use natural herbs or essential oils for relaxation: lavender, peppermint, rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang or frankincense to dive deeper into yourself.
  • Nurture and take care of your digestion: Warm soup, prepared with love will help get rid of infections from your body which are often the cause of stress. The best soups to cook are: carrot, spinach, broccoli, green pepper or any other vegetables you love. To spice up use: thyme or marjoram. For those who love milk, try out a mixture of warm goats milk with honey, which is still my favourite, it helps with the production of serotonin and creates a positive relaxed mood in your brain. If you do not like any of those, try out some teas such as: chamomile, peppermint, rose or cinnamon, these are a good choice to rejuvenate and calm down.
  • Create: Find a safe and relaxing spot, colour a mandala or draw a picture and then just look at your creation, notice your feelings, accept them with unconditional love for yourself and then let them go again. Just be present in the moment.
  • Move consciously using Asanas or Yoga postures for calm and patience: BALASANA – CHILD'S POSE.

No matter what you choose to do this week, take time to close your eyes as often as possible, enjoy the beauty and perfection of the moment. If you have a chance, share this moment with someone, sing your favourite song, spin in circles, dance, jump up high or scream. Be grateful.

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