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Inner Sanctuary represents my personal service to you – inspiring, encouraging, sharing my experience as well as being there for you as you grow in balance and joy. With help of ancient traditional techniques and knowledge, you will be guided to create a centre of inner peace enabling you to return to your own Inner Sanctuary whenever you wish.

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How It Works?

In order to get the most benefits from my services, please follow these steps:

  1. Consciously take time for yourself and read as many Stories as you can. Stories in each category are connected one to the other, thus start at the beginning.
  2. You feel inspired – check my offer in section Solutions.
  3. Contemplate: what do you feel you want to change?
  4. Choose one of the offers under SOLUTIONS and contact me. Together we will find a suitable practice for you.
  5. Be persistent and continue practising every day. Your success is guaranteed.

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Meet Michelle

About Me

"Use your smile to change the world.
Do not allow the world to change your smile!"


I am always curious, love nature, peace and serenity. I believe that in life everything is possible when we engage in a positive attitude with a pinch of natural logic. I feel very lucky that for more than ten years I've had a chance to learn, work under the guidance of wonderful Mentors and leading Masters of their profession from different countries around the world. I wish, one day, all people have the opportunity to realise how wonderful and easy it is to be alive when we allow ourselves to be who we truly are.

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Happening Now

seasonal celebrations


Autumn is a season when we harvest what we have planted and nurtured during the entire year. It is also the time of remembrance of our ancestors and of gratitude towards mother nature for blessing us with all the fruits, which we will be able to use during the cold long winter days.

If you would like to learn simple techniques and recipes for relaxing and rejuvenating autumn, join our gratitude rituals and celebrations as well as share your story then please contact me or book a private lesson.

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"No one and nothing can change who we really are. Allow yourself to shine and experience pure joy no matter what."

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"Inner sanctuary is a state of consciousness, sustaining itself by a peaceful mind and a compassionate heart."

Dalai Lama

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