Connected Within and Present on the Outside

From turning within and nurturing, which you practised during the previous week, it is now time to use your flexibility and learn how to remain connected within and fully present with the outside world at the same time. It is an art and it might take some time to master – thus give yourself enough time.

Something greater out there
We grow up in a society, which since we are little teaches us to look for something better and greater out there. In order to get it, one has to work hard and be persistent as well as lucky enough. As a consequence, many of you still keep on searching for something greater, focusing on the things outside of you and around you in different activities, instead of going within and accepting the present moment and what you are being given at that time. Unfortunately, schools in the West never taught you about the power of your strength within.

The truth within
Such a belief has been re-created and put upon us in order to get the masses moving, to influence them, to get their attention and their money. The ever-pervading ancient truth is: There is nothing more special, nothing better, and nothing more out there than the present moment you live in. Only when you are able to stop and see what you have in this present moment, can you feel true joy.

Realising and fully experiencing pure joy throughout my entire body, I remained seated on top of the mountain, looking at the peaks surrounding me without a single thought for hours. Finally, I was feeling pure joy without repeating my mantra, without trying to achieve anything. I came to understand that to feel joy I did not need to talk a lot, write a lot or do anything at all. True joy reflects itself in those who are ready to notice it.

Here are your tips to increase your connection within and presence without:

  • Use your breath, feel and connect: Sit on a block or a bolster, with your back straight up against the wall, spread your legs out wide and start to breathe deeply. Stay here for some time, make sure that you are using long, deep breaths and that your exhalations are getting longer and longer each time. With your spine straight and with the next exhalation, start to move forward, until your hands start touching the ground. If your back does not remain straight, then use a bolster under your hands. Close your eyes and breathe. Observe: how does being fully centred within and connected with your breath results in the micro-movements and changes in your body on the outside? With each inhalation, your back lengthens and remains straight, with each exhalation you move deeper forward and feel the stretch in your thighs. You can stay in this position for as long as you like. To help the path to greater connection within and without, increasing your flexibility, you can use essential oils or incense: cedar wood, lavender, nutmeg, marjoram, peppermint or yarrow.
  • Nurture and take care of your digestion: In order to feel greater connection and flexibility, you need to give your body the chance to produce enough nutritional fluids, lubricating and strengthening your connective tissues and waking up your circulatory system, which helps to eliminate toxins and tensions from the body, enabling you to experience yourself more clearly and deeply. Some of the foods, which have the above-mentioned effects on the body are: seasonal fruits, ghee, sesame seeds, seaweed and vegetables (cucumber, cabbage, spinach, asparagus, lettuce and green beans). As a spice or tea, you can use ginger and turmeric.
  • Create: Close your eyes and paint with your fingers. Let it all out, do not think about norms or how it should look, do not worry about making your clothes dirty but instead just relax and play. Having your eyes closed while creating on the outside will strengthen the connection with yourself and increase your self-confidence. Being playful and fun increases your flexibility and brings you back to childhood – carefree and happy.
  • Move consciously using Asanas or Yoga postures helping you to connect within and remain present on the outside: ADHO MUKHA SVANASANA – DOWNWARD DOG.

As you proceed with your practice this week, please keep in mind that in order to be able to remain completely present within and active on the outside, some degree of flexibility in your body, as well as your mind, is necessary. Namely, when your body is more flexible, you will be able to experience a greater sense of freedom of movement, which will positively affect your mental state of mind as well as your health. It is thus crucial to practice being flexible at all levels in life and not just physically. Try it out this week.

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