Accept and Forgive

This week you choose joy. And then there are those days and weeks when nothing works. You were so enthusiastic, following your plans and you believed it was all so great. Then the day came when you just could not move. It happens to all of us sometimes so; to forgive and forget is our topic of the week.

When the mind takes over
We all know how it feels when nothing works. No matter how hard you try, you act, write, draw, walk, meditate – nothing happens and you find yourself at a dead end. Instead of following your daily practice and balancing yourself, you continue working late into the night, allowing yourself to completely lose your rhythm. Not only do you feel tired and overworked, you also start to feel upset because you broke your intention just a few weeks after you set it!

Hitting the deadline
The same thing happened to me; even though I was completely exhausted and unbalanced, I managed to complete some work for a deadline. Then this happened – just as we were about to discuss the last changes to my work before it could go public, my computer broke down and nothing was saved. My web page was now on hold as the web designer was unavailable for the next 2 months and I had to re-write all of my work. All I could do was to breathe and accept what had just happened.

Reality check
What else could I expect? I thought I had magic powers and no one would notice if I just skipped taking care of myself in order to do what I believed were 'more important' things. It became clear that nothing was more important than my well-being and sleep.

Learn to forgive
When nothing works, the best thing is to pack your bags and to go either for a walk or a short trip somewhere in nature. After spending three very special and undisturbed days in nature I realised that I never forgave myself for not carrying out my weekly plan. All I had to do was to accept what happened and let go. I chose not to follow my plan for a week, and this was OK! Returning home, filled with a new enthusiasm and joy, it all fell back into place and my mind was sharp and clean. So clear that everything was possible again. I was ready to continue with my schedule and I forgave and forgot all that happened during that last week. I returned to the present moment, which made everything all much simple.

Here are some ideas which will help you to accept your reality as it is and to forgive:

  • Use your breath: Whenever you notice that you are stressed, breathing shallow or having any other feelings or emotions that you do not like, embrace them. You can open your arms out wide and hug yourself, or hug those emotions. Breathe into those emotions as they are arising, exhale, letting go of the desire to judge or analyse them and just let them be. Come back to yourself in the present moment. Use essential oils such as: rose, willow or pink rose to stimulate the acceptance.
  • Feel and connect: Dare to say out loud when you are angry, dare to talk about your emotions, yet do not let your emotions have control over you. Stay grounded, centred and balanced while at the same time accepting how you feel and allowing your feelings to be there and to pass, without engaging deeply with them or allowing them to take over your entire body. Although it might sound tricky, you will be able to make and enjoy the change with little practice. When you allow your emotions to arise, accept and embrace them, you will be able to understand easier why they arose and what you can do in order to let them go. Stop resisting, be who you are and be proud of it. Once you love yourself everyone will love you exactly as you are.
  • Nurture and take care of your digestion: Stop fighting yourself with what you should eat and what you should not eat. This week, eat what you feel you truly want to eat and when you do so, feel great no matter what it is you are eating. This does not mean you can overeat.
  • Create: Write an honest letter to yourself and send it, then when you receive it, take time to read it and embrace your true self.
  • Move consciously using Asanas or Yoga postures for more fun in life: ANANDA BALASANA – HAPPY BABY POSE.

Grow in love and compassion and stop fighting yourself because at the end of the day, no one truly cares, other than you. So why are you so tough on yourself?

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