Open Up and Receive

This week, we are opening up fully in order to receive the gifts of the universe. Allowing whatever is best for you to come to you. Trust completely, relax, be inspired and allow this week to be filled with miracles.

When you truly believe in something, there is no room for failure
This week there is only one thing you need to focus on – to believe in yourself. It is important to learn to trust that you have it all already and allow everything else to happen naturally. By the end of the week, you might start noticing how your reality changes according to what you think about yourself and your environment.

My joy was so pure and strong it got contagious!
As I allowed myself to let go of control and to receive whatever it might be, an incredible thing happened. I did not even need to think of joy any longer as it became ever-present, even in the most challenging of situations. I wished I could live like this forever. Nothing could stop me because I believed that what I was doing was so amazing and everyone around me started feeling it immediately! My reality shifted completely.

Here are some tips that will help you to believe in yourself, open up and shine:

  • Use your breath: Use your breath to lengthen up, become taller and even stronger! Send your breath down your spine, lift your entire spine, make a space between your vertebrae and grow taller with each exhalation. Do this, while standing in a queue at the shop, at the bus stop, or at work. Allow yourself to lift this beautiful core central energy that has been dormant within, out through your heart and smile. You can use incense to awaken your inner beauty and let it flow: orange, ginger, bergamot, lemongrass.
  • Feel and connect: Spread up your arms up towards the sky, inhale the suns energy into your body, feel the empowerment that it brings and spin around, dance, jump, do whatever feels right. Just be yourself.
  • Nurture and take care of your digestion: This week, try to eat food you have prepared yourself, if possible from your garden: whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Add some protein to your diet to enable the production of serotonin, this helps your brain to function in a positive and self-confident way.
  • Create: Get inspired and create your own sequence, activity, flow of life. Let your actions inspire you and the people around you to feel joy. Also, most importantly, enjoy the beauty and progress each new day has to offer.
  • Move consciously using Asanas or Yoga postures for strength and opening up: VIRABHADRASANA I – WARRIOR I.

Endless flow of inspiration

Although this week came to an end too fast, there was a happy thought, that this is only the beginning. I was so inspired and grateful to be able to have a continuous feeling of joy for the whole week, that I created a morning routine inspiring joy and happiness. Feeling grateful, I am sharing it with you and hope it will inspire you to give it a go:

1. Awaken and roll out of your bed in joy
This first part works best when you are in your bed. Try it out as it makes waking up much more fun!

  • Bring your knees to your chest and hold them, rock a bit back and forth and relax your spine. Feel how this gentle movement is relaxing and releasing your back.
  • Then bring both knees to one side while stretching your hands out to the sides. Look towards the opposite direction from your knees. Breathe into your spine, relaxing it with each single breath. Repeat on the other side.
  • Smile, roll around and you can also bring your legs over your head and enjoy the silence for a moment. If you have a partner – tickle him/her or roll over him/her. Finally, roll around and out of your bed.

2. Bring oxygen in and rejuvenate
Once out of bed there is nothing more nurturing than simple movements to awaken the gentle and loving energy you hold deep within:

  • Roll and circle your shoulders.
  • Sit with your legs crossed and circle your entire torso, while breathing deeply and consciously.
  • Sit with your legs crossed and twist your body to each side; please do not forget to turn from your belly rather than only from your neck.
  • Roll over, onto all fours, pretending to be a cat and then a cow, breathe with each movement and then start to dance your body while continuing to do the same moves. Feel a gentle and relaxing flow, like the ocean drifting through your body, washing away any tension and stress.
  • Continue by transforming into a sphinx. Remember to focus on your intention for the day, while still breathing deeply and observing your breath.

3. Choose 3 postures, depending on your needs and intention
Stretch out your body (while breathing slowly and consciously) with any exercises and postures you already know and are confident doing. Be creative and above all – listen to the needs of your body. Stay in each of the postures you choose for at least 10 deep breaths and for up to 5 minutes. Use bolsters/cushions in order to feel comfortable and relaxed. Do not force yourself into something just because someone else looks great in that posture. If you feel any tension, readjust or change the posture until you are comfortable and relaxed. Breathe deeply and consciously into any parts of your body which are tense. Feel your entire body, listen to your needs and connect to yourself. 

If you do not have previous experiences with yoga I do encourage you to attend a yoga class or see a private teacher in order to learn the basics properly. Sound and stable foundations, along with the right consciousness are the key if you wish to successfully build your practice further and receive all the benefits your practice has to offer.

4. Take a moment to connect and to get ready for the day
Before you start your busy day, take a moment, lie down on the floor or sit still in silence. The final relaxation is the most important part of any practice. It is better to skip asanas than relaxation as it is crucial for the body to effectively and beneficially absorb the information it received during the practice. Chose a positive thought for the day to keep you going if all else fails.

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