Set the Intention

Do you remember the time when you deeply wished for something and were ready to do anything to get it? Yet, in the end, it did not come true. There is a difference between wishing for something and acting in the right way to get what we are looking for. Making the first step and setting the right intention to get what you are looking for is the topic we will tap into this week.

What is an intention and why does it matter?
Things start to happen in the desired way only when you truly decide to act. This moment of clear decision is called 'setting the intention'.

Finding clarity
In order to be able to make a clear decision, it is important to learn to let go of the overload in your minds and to create a space for clarity to enter. Thus, find a place where it is safe and peaceful and engage in any activity you love to do: dancing, running, walking, writing a list, drawing, colouring, making a sculpture...then when you have finished, just take time and observe the results or leave it for a day or two.

I found my safe place under a tree. I took all my materials with me and started creating. I did not think but just coloured and wrote down anything that came to my mind. I totally let go of myself. Then I took a break and meditated upon my actions. 

In order to find your intention, do not focus too much on finding it but relax and connect with yourself as much as possible. It will happen when you least expect it, it will jump out and you will just know what you truly need!

Here are some tips which may help you to let go and to find clarity:

  • Use your breath: Inhale deeply, rotate your shoulders up towards your ears, bring your shoulder blades together and exhale even deeper, relax your shoulders down and make some space between your neck and shoulders. Do this as often as you can throughout the day – it only takes a few seconds and brings incredible rewards! There are essential oils you can use to help you let go of worries and to relax: sage, basil, lavender, peppermint or neroli. Burn them, lie down and exhale all you do not need any longer.
  • Feel and connect: Observe your posture while you are walking and notice how often you scrunch your shoulders into your neck. Why do you think you are doing this? Are you worried, scared, nervous? Just observe and try to relax your shoulders as often as you can throughout the day. Also, observe how you stand up and how many times per day you lift something without bending your knees while doing so.
  • Nurture and take care of your digestion: You can eat any healthy food you like, especially: artichokes, asparagus, beets, grapefruit or watercress. If you prefer spices and teas then try: turmeric, ginger, lemon, mint, rose, chamomile or green tea. Try to stay hydrated as your mental health improves when you drink enough water, especially when you drink healthy and fresh water. Also, eating as little sugar as possible this week will make a difference.
  • Create: In order to free some space, cleanse all the spaces around you with as much creativity as you can. For example, you can cleanse your space by burning sage incense as well as letting someone cleanse your body and aura with it. There will be a great relief after you do it and you will be able to breathe a bit deeper. You can also clean your space in any other way – for example, invite friends over for an auction of your old belongings or for a swap party.
  • Move consciously by using Asanas or Yoga postures to let go of overload, strengthen your back and get clarity: BHUJANGASANA – COBRA POSE.

Once finding the intention it is important to ground it
By the end of the week, after intense cleansing and realising your true intention, it is important to ground your intention through a symbolic act. In this way, you will focus and bring your mind to the present moment, which will give your actions strength and make your intention possible. You can offer it to a fire, send it up through a tree to the universe, create a banknote belonging to the Bank of the Universe and write your intention on this note, send it down a river, or up to the sky written on a helium balloon.

I sealed my intention with a ritual. I lit a candle, used my favourite myrrh incense, opened my sacred space and then sent my intention, which I had carefully thought through, up to the universe. In order not to forget what I had just promised myself, I made a bracelet and just before tying it, I added a little crystal. By taking time and creating this wonderful safe space, I allowed my subconscious mind to integrate my intention and help me realise it.

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