When midsummer arrives, the sun and our energy are on the rise, allowing us to blossom in all our beauty and wealth. During this time we celebrate not only the strength we see in the light of the sun but also its power over fear, negativity and darkness. It is a time to embrace our life during its highest potential. No matter how we decide to spend this magical time of year, we must let the power of the light enter all corners of our lives.

With increased light and warmth, this is a perfect time to spend in nature. I usually go into the forest, close to the river source and enjoy the mud baths, whilst chilling in the water and let the suns hot rays melt away any remaining darkness, doubts and negativity I have within. During the days leading up to the solstice, I take time to turn within, spend a couple of days in complete silence, relax and release all that no longer serves me in order for the warming light to open up my heart for abundance during the summer.

Peace and rejuvenation
On the day of the solstice, I collect seasonal herbs as well as my favourite crystals to create a wonderful altar in the middle of the forest. I then use this space to recharge my soul and crystals. At noon I sit down and meditate, letting the strong sun caress my face. One after another I hold the crystals up to the sun, set the intention for them to be recharged and help me with what I need most in the future. I then leave the crystals in the sun to recharge whilst I retreat back into the shade and drink a powerful elixir of light. I remove the crystals before sunset ready to use them during a sacred fire ceremony. 

A colourful gathering to spread joy
My close friends join me on the evening of the solstice so we can enjoy the beautiful sunset and prepare for our bonfire celebration. Just before the sun goes down, we close our eyes for a short meditation, pray to be blessed, and for the pure light to awaken within our hearts as we light the fire. The first drums announce the start of the ceremony as the fire ascends high into the sky and we feel connected to each other. We dance, stomp, clap and play instruments to connect to the roots of the earth and mother nature until the energy escalates and reaches its peak. This is the moment when we then throw a symbol, representing what no longer serves us in life, into the fire to burn and transform us. Then the drums stop, we sit down once again in silence, relax and feel the transformations and abundance within and around us.

As our eyes open, the darkness surrounds us, yet the light is strong in our hearts, so we continue to socialise long into the night. We even jump over the fire to bring us luck and abundance for the coming months. Then we prepare and share some grounding, light food along with a midsummer elixir of abundance (warm tea made out of: ginger, lemon balm, strawberry leaves and rose). This strengthens our body and senses filling us with the energy and courage for a midnight forest walk. During this walk, some choose to connect with the forest spirits and animals or to face their inner fears and demons, others gather herbal plants to make medicine with, as during this auspicious time their magic properties and powers are at their peak, being able to heal anything!

Before the evening ends, we once again gather in a circle around the fire and collect the blessed fire ashes to take home to bless our flowers, homes and crops with. 

If you feel inspired, create your own ritual, invite friends to share the light, love and abundance that this bountiful midsummer time brings with it. Feel free to connect with me if you would like to join one of the future celebrations or events at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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