After a long and cold winter, we slowly emerge from beneath our warm blankets and start exercising to get our circulation going. The first signs of spring appear and the window for inspirational activities opens, allowing us to prepare our body and soul for new beginnings.

As soon as I notice the first leaves and blossom on the trees, I start spending more time outside, to enjoy the beauty of nature and be grateful for the transition into Spring. To prepare for Imbolc eve, I collect the first visible symbols of the season – white blossom and green leaves, and gratefully thank them and ask for an abundant new cycle, as well as fertile ground for the new seeds to grow.

The magic of candlelight
During Imbolc eve, I gather with my closest friends and we sit by the fire, burn stimulating rosemary and frankincense incense, light a sacred bright yellow candle to symbolise the end of the winter and then set our intentions for the new beginning. Holding hands, we gather to celebrate the time of purification, inspiration and growing light within each one of us. We focus on the bright candle flame whilst visualising ourselves blossoming in spring. We then close the circle by thanking nature for all the gifts given, share our best winter memories, as well as our intentions for spring, and then warm ourselves up with an inspiring cinnamon-orange-ginger tea. Together we then walk around the house, light a candle in each room and leave them to burn peacefully throughout the night.

Holy springs and good-fortune
Fresh and inspired we wake into a new bright day, perfect for our early spring walk, where we visit a sacred well, drink its spring waters, and dance around holding hands, all whilst wishing for health and wealth for the coming agricultural year. We take some water home with us to purify, drink, bless ourselves and our homes with. Then we nourish ourselves with a warming, home-made vegetable stir-fry, crusty yummy barley bread with nuts, and a sweet celebration cake! 

As in nature – spring is a time to also cleanse our bodies
Spring equinox, knocks on our doors about a month later and is the perfect time to invoke Goddess Ostara, bringing the enjoyment of nature through dance and inspiration. To make the best use of her purifying and cleansing energy, we gather in a beautifully scented, warm place, and agree to enter the coming spring without fatigue and illness, we try out a very old technique of cleansing the meridians, which is recommended to be practised daily during springtime.

Meridians represent the path of energy flow throughout our body. There are two different ways in which they flow and this is also where their names originate from – yin and yang. Whenever the two forces (yin – soft feminine energy) and yang (strong male energy) are in equilibrium, our body is healthy.

Refreshed and relaxed into spring!
During our session, we stimulate our circulation with very specific exercises to balance the two forces – yin and yang. The session ends with a relaxing and regenerative yin yoga, which encourages us to remain in each posture for a little longer. This method of practice enables our bodies and especially our internal organs to regenerate faster. By applying conscious and deep breathing, our muscles relax completely, our blood fills with oxygen, which then travels with ease throughout our bodies, reaching even those hard to reach parts and tense muscles.

Completely refreshed and filled with energy, we allow our bodies to relax in a final goddesses and gods posture and allow everything we have learnt to be integrated into our bodies. 

If you would like to experience one of our sessions in practice, please join us or write to me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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