Samasthiti or a Centring Pose

Mastering this posture gives you the incredible potential to grow beyond what you think you could be. Let’s take the time to build a strong grounding for whatever comes next. Although it seems to be simple, you can truly get deep into this posture by taking time practising it.

To get into the posture, stand straight; make sure the distance between your feet is one foot apart, feet parallel, and hands in front of the heart in prayer position. Keep your elbows in close to the side of your ribs.

Often you believe, you stand straight, however, you are not aligned at all. Thus, it is important to check your alignment while using tiny, micro movements awakening your feet and consequently your entire body:

  • Lift all your toes, feel the pressure on the balls of your feet, stretch your toes forwards and outwards and let your big toe slightly touch the ground. Observe where the change is happening in your body. You might notice how your inner thighs start rotating inwards.
  • Press into your heels and observe the natural movement of your tail-bone, which is moving down into the space you created with the rotation of your thighs.
  • Feel how your chest is lifting just through proper pressure applied through your feet on the floor.
  • Relax your shoulders, relax your entire body and feel your feet being completely glued to the ground.
  • Observe where you naturally put more pressure on your feet – is it on the inside or outside of your feet? Try to equalise it and bring more balance to your standing posture. Do not tense your legs while putting pressure on parts of your feet, let your body be active, yet completely relaxed.
  • Close your eyes and observe what is happening within you. Try to find stillness and balance while holding your body perfectly aligned. It might feel strange for a while as you were up until now aligned in a different way.
  • Try to keep all your muscles completely active throughout the practice – on the inhale, increase the stretch throughout your body and on the exhale relax your shoulder blades down through your back.
  • If possible, stay in this posture for 1–10 minutes daily.

Practising this posture on a regular basis improves your standing posture, balance, energy and concentration. Although it seems as if you are relaxing, the posture is strengthening the muscles in your feet, quadriceps, abdominal wall, diaphragm, inner hips, and inner pelvis. It also flexes the elbows and extends the wrists.

However, it needs to be mentioned, that people with low blood pressure and frequent headaches should avoid prolonged standing postures.

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