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There have been many stories and books written, claiming there are mysterious spirits residing in nature, which can only be seen by those open to receive and believe. Known under names such as: nymphs, fairies, dwarfs, kobolds, elves, dragons etc., they can be found deep in forests and water creeks as well as in our homes, hiding things, eating our food, bringing luck, and sometimes turning our life into a complete mess. How much of this is true and what can we do about it?

Nature is alive
No matter whether you believe in spirits or not, one thing is very certain – nature is very alive. It respires and every second it is born anew. If you take a moment, sit, and listen, you will be able to hear its whisper. It talks to us in many ways, including, by moving the wind through the trees, grass, plants, and water, deeply relaxing all our senses at the same time. The sun even speaks to us by caressing its rays on our face. If you lean against a tree trunk, you will notice its pulsation!

The word 'to inspire' comes from the Latin word 'Inspirare' meaning breath upon something or filling it with spirit to become alive. We feel inspired when we are motivated and full of life energy. This life force or energy is needed for us to be alive and it is also known under the name 'prana'. In other words, once a spirit/life force enters our body, we become alive. Since nature is alive too, the logic behind natures spirits suddenly seems to be very simple and obvious.

What does nature hold?
Although it is impossible to see life force as an object, we are aware of it and the same goes for natures spirits – we do not have to necessarily see them to notice them. They can be noticed just by observing the way we feel as we pass through different landscapes or vegetation. You will notice, if you sit next to a river in the middle of a forest, there is a gentle, nurturing, peaceful sensation moving through your body. This is a place, filled with feminine energy. On the other hand, when climbing mountains, you will notice a completely different sensation entering your body – more masculine, powerful, giving you courage and strength, pushing you forward and turning your attention outwards rather than inwards. Whatever you notice or sense when in nature represents only a different form of energy.

The characters and names given to spirits by different cultures are just given to represent the different sources of energy surrounding us. In this way, our ancestors could transform their subconscious fears into known friends, using their environment for their highest good.

Natures spirits
It is indeed possible to find places in nature where the energies are more vivid and concentrated. These places are charged with life force and inspire and heal the natural environment as well as everyone in it. Depending on its intensity, it might be possible to see forms and shapes. Such whirlpools of energy are very important as they inspire mother nature to remain pure and alive, which is particularly important today when there is a growing ignorance in the world. Whenever you find yourself in such a place, please make sure it remains clean and protected. It is also true, that once we decide to help and protect nature, nature starts protecting us.

Most natural energy is safe, yet sometimes we can absorb too much of nature’s energy which will make us feel tired and drained. If this happens you can connect back to your true self by going outdoors and releasing the excess energy back into nature.

Pay attention
When you decide to start communicating with nature and its energies, be sure that it is what you need and try to be completely present and grounded. Like in every relationship, it takes time to learn how to connect and communicate with elemental energies. Please keep in mind that there are places out there, charged with negative energies, so it is advisable to stay away from these.

Science has proved the force of nature
Finally, even if you do not believe in spirits, it has been scientifically proven that being in nature without electronic devices for prolonged periods of time, changes the functioning of our brain. The mind relaxes and becomes naturally present in the moment of now, resulting in an increase in happiness hormones. Maybe this fact will inspire you to go out into nature more often!

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