Spring Cleanse

After a long and cold winter, when we remained curled up into a ball in our warm houses, travelled through the depths of our consciousness and relaxed, it is now time to slowly wake up.

In spring life begins anew
In nature, nothing is taken for granted, everything happens for a reason. In spring, when everything is opening up, bursting and blossoming, we also open up our windows and let fresh air in, clean our bodies and our living space. Only a couple of minutes of deep belly breath is enough to get your circulation running, exhaling leftover/stagnate winter energy, and leaving you feeling light and fresh. Usually, spring fatigue is only a result of excess and stagnant energy, which you do not need in order to open up for the new beginning.

Use the gifts each season offers
Every season offers a set of plants and herbs with qualities to create balance in your body. When you use seasonal plants and herbs on a daily basis, you can significantly improve your mood and health. Therefore, in spring when the sun is getting stronger, enjoy long walks, look at what nature provides and think why. Also, allow yourself to stop for a moment and look around you. Remember that everything you see in the environment represents only a mirror of what is happening in your interior.

Practical tips for effortless movement in harmony with nature:

Detox and Diet

In spring the environment is warming up, your body needs more and more light food. To make this transition less stressful on your body, a short period of fasting and the use of seasonal herbs is helpful. It is enough to fast with fruit juices, soups or teas for a day or two. After fasting, it is recommended to continue with a diverse and balanced normal diet.

Spring offerings
Healing and useful plants you can find in nature during this time are: nettle, wild garlic and dandelion. Nettle has extremely purifying effects, whereas at the same time it fills your body with iron, which you need to move towards new spring adventures. Dandelion and wild garlic are filled with lots of vitamins, whereas wild garlic contains antiseptic properties and strengthens your immune system, which is just perfect in spring when all animals and bacteria are coming back to life. Wild garlic can be used as an addition to foods or conserved with oil and salt as a pesto for later use.

In addition, tea from spruce tips fills your body with vitamin C. You can also prepare honey from spruce tips for cold winter days. If you have a conservatory, you might have observed that the first lemons are ripe at this time, so try a freshly pressed lemon juice with a spoon of honey from domestic bees in the morning to get a positivity burst for a day. For more detailed recipes please check our section on Ayurveda.

Choose your food consciously
When you prepare your food and juices, please ensure that your fruits and vegetables are fresh, if possible picked just a couple of minutes before use. Also, before you take any plant, ask for permission, or make a wish and thank nature for its gifts. This is how you begin to learn about giving and taking as well as how to connect with natural cycles and coexist with nature.

Movement and Relaxation

In addition to a balanced diet, it is very important to be conscious about your movement and breath. Regular practice helps you to stimulate blood circulation, which eliminates toxins from the body faster. When blood circulation is stimulated, toxins which remain in your blood enter your lungs faster in order to be exhaled from your body. Each deep breath fills the body with oxygen, which is then released into the blood and responsible for vitality and health.

To calm down your thoughts, use a 'neti pot' – a traditional pot that has been used to cleanse breathing channels over centuries. At the beginning, it is recommended to use it every day, whereas after a while it is enough to use it once a week. Later, it is sufficient to use it when necessary, or once a month.


Try out aromatherapy for a week or two on a daily basis, then reduce it to twice weekly. It is super easy, all you need are essential oils, water and an evaporator.

Essential oils and herbs are especially helpful whilst cleansing your space as well as to relax better. Sage and basil are best to use to help clear spaces. You can also use tea tree or neem, which deeply disinfect the entire space.

For relaxation and ease, use essential oils of peppermint, lemon balm, lemongrass, bergamot or vetiver. For deep rejuvenating sleep lavender still remains the best option.

Share Joy!

Already in ancient times, people believed that joy multiplies when we share it. It can just be one single smile that you offer to a person passing by, that can completely change your day and theirs. Rejoice, the sun is born anew and it is becoming stronger and the days are getting longer. Take advantage of the natural rhythms of nature and step into a new adventure with ease!

Dare to experiment
I encourage you to experiment with what is written here, listen to yourself and let the tips here only guide you. Do not follow what is written blindly. Find out for yourself what is the ingredient that awakens the flame of love in your heart and helps you to shine in joy and happiness from the inside out. Let all the activities described here help you to become more conscious of yourself, your surroundings and the beauty of life.

If you have any questions, or you would like to share your experiences with me, discuss any of the tips in detail or even learn some new ones write to me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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