Reconnect With Nature

Many years ago, people and nations were living in harmony with nature. Nature used to be their home, friend, teacher and healer. It was acknowledged, respected and followed. Today, our friendship with nature is pretty much extinct, so it is very important for us to take action and reconnect once again.

Nature has a complete ability to balance itself
Let’s be honest with yourself – when was the last time you took time to just be and pay attention to the natural processes within yourself and in your natural environment? Its phases, cycles, changes are so simple, fluid and perfect, yet so complex. Nature is completely self-sufficient, creating peace and balance at all the times.

From sitting in nature for a week and observing what happened within and around me, I noticed an incredible symphony of its movements. At first, there was a heavy wind, awakening a fire, which resulted in the burning down of the entire forest. Then, during the night the rain came, cooling down the heat, filling up the rivers and carrying away the debris. Finally, the next morning, the sun came up, dried up the raindrops and everything was ready for a new cycle to begin.

It is all only a journey to realisation
Nature and its actions are so simple yet it is sometimes hard to understand them. It is not nature but your mind that makes you believe there is a disbalance in nature and that nature can get damaged by our actions. Yet it is not true. No matter what you do, whether it be worrying, crying, suffering, or trying to save or exploit nature, in its core, nothing can actually affect it.

Nature moves in cycles. Things come into existence and they are completely destroyed at the end. It is the law of nature – the law that tells you that nothing lasts forever. Our planet has been here for billions of years, during which time the complete surface of the earth and its landscapes have diminished, killing living beings in the process. No matter how disastrous the change, the result of it has always been a complete balance. There is nothing you can do about this law of nature. You can only observe, accept and learn. It is all only a journey to understand the natural perfection of birth and death.

Do we really know better?
Reading this, your mind says – this cannot be possible as you believe it is feasible to change the world and the laws of nature. To try and control nature we create strong machines, create genetical modifications of plants, regulate weather and much more – thinking we know better. Yet, do we really know better? Who is this 'I' that always knows better? Is it real or is it just an imaginary friend who is pushing your true friend, nature, away? It might be that we are loosing much more than we are willing to confess to ourselves at the moment.

We are nature
It has been shown that our body contains small amounts of all the elements that one can find in nature. Our bodies are an incredible creation, a part of this all-encompassing, everlasting, pure and perfect universe. Just by observing nature, its natural changes and behaviours, you can learn the deepest secrets of life. There is nothing greater, more powerful, more mystical, or more out there to be conquered. It has all already been given to you, this is why it appears so difficult to find. Thus, all you need to do is open your eyes and see what is right in front of you.

Let's reconnect!
When will the time come for you to see the truth? This simple truth that can make you so happy and balanced. If you feel inspired and want to learn more about how to reconnect with nature and the truth, follow this section, where you will be able to learn about natural cycles, natural plants, recipes for a balanced life and how to live in accordance with the seasons for better use of your energy and enhanced productivity. There are so many awesome facts that no one ever told you about, which you will learn here. Finally, through observing what is happening in nature, you will be inspired to let go of all you do not need, to just be and connect to your true nature both internally and externally.

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