spruce tips

During Spring, a magic medicine grows on Spruce trees. Spruce tips fill our body with vitamin C, making us strong enough to fight off the spring microbes and bacteria. Spruce tips are versatile as they can be eaten whole and either raw, cooked or preserved in syrup.

Due to their healing properties, spruce tips can be used to treat coughs and sore throats. They are perfect to use in Spring when they start to sprout. Not only are spruce tips rich in magnesium and potassium but they also stimulate our circulation, and help our tissues grow, heal and release toxins from our body. Its antibacterial characteristics make it a wonderful treatment for winter colds. 

Used in a variety of ways
The best way to use spruce tips is raw; just eat them as they are, soak them in water and then drink the water or just pour boiling water over them to make a tea. They can easily be used as a herb (similar to rosemary) or even added to your morning smoothie. I especially love them with avocado and kiwi to boost my immune system in Spring. Among my favourite dishes is rice pilaf with wild herbs, leek or celery and spruce tips. They also go perfectly with seafood as they have a lemony taste.

I love to preserve the healing powers of spruce tips in syrup, which I can then add to my tea on cold winter days to fill my body and spirit with energy and love. To make this syrup just alternate layers of spruce tips and brown sugar in a jar. If you have any home-made honey, then you can add the spruce tips directly into the honey and then add to tea when required.

Less is more
Please keep in mind that spruce tips are spruce tree sprouts and by letting them grow, we allow the trees to grow strong and healthy. It is essential that you only take as much as you need and do not take it just from one tree! Be kind, ask the trees for permission and be thankful. This will ensure that even if you take only a small amount your medicine will still work miracles.

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