Spending time in nature is relaxing and peaceful. Observing beautiful flowers and animals makes us stop for a moment and enjoy their presence. Have you ever asked yourself – why does nature instantly fill me with calmness, peace and joy?

Most leaves, flowers and animals grow perfectly symmetrical. Here are some examples: lotus flowers, sunflowers, ferns, aloe plants, broccoli, citrus fruits, ice crystals, beehives, spider webs, peacock feathers, butterfly wings, natural whirlpools, lightning strikes, and snowflakes.

Living spirals
As well as perfect symmetry and the golden ratio (the mathematical representation of beauty), there is the phenomenon of the natural spiral (a numerical expression of infinity). Some of the most breathtaking examples of spirals can be found in the sea. The most common and obvious are living nautilus and fossil ammonites. Instead of growing like other animals, they build new and bigger chambers in a spiral on the outside. Each new chamber is exactly proportional to the previous chamber. Spirals can also be found in flowers, snails, pine cones and wild animal horns.

Circles – the origin of all living forms
A circle is one of the most common forms found in nature and the most important form in human life – the cell from which life originates. It is no coincidence that most geometric shapes used today, especially polygons (shapes with equal sides), originally derived from a circle. By overlapping one circle with another and then drawing straight lines, connecting the centres of the circles, the 5 platonic solids (cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron) were created. Interestingly, it has been the platonic solids which have been used to explain many natural phenomenons, one of which is to calculate the distance of moving planets in the universe.

Why does it matter?
Geometry, mathematics and nature are deeply intertwined. The perfect mathematical symmetry combines the masculine and the feminine (in geometry curves and circles represent the feminine and straight lines and corners the masculine), providing the foundation of the existence of everything we see in nature. This stimulates both sides of our brain at the same time, creating a calming effect in a matter of seconds. Relaxing as soon as we step out into nature is therefore not a coincidence but a result of complex mathematical and geometrical structures.

Famous art and architecture is a successful copy of nature
It is not a coincidence that the most famous pieces of art and architecture incorporate geometric structures found in nature, mirroring the consciousness of the artist. The more conscious we are the more we are able to use the geometric forms surrounding us and transform them into something new, continuously transcending to higher levels, infinite as a spiral – just like our consciousness. Thus, when we see a piece of art and become speechless or we spend time in nature and feel at peace; we are actually feeling at one and connecting deeper with our inner balance and symmetry.

The obvious always has a hidden symmetry
There are no coincidences in life and nature. Every single creation awakens with precision and is perfect in itself. So, the next time you get confused either in nature or whilst reading a book, listening to music, looking at a painting or trying to understand yourself; look at it from a different perspective and find the hidden geometric symmetry that lies behind the obvious.

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