Do you remember the moment when you stood in the centre of a city and threw a coin into a water fountain and made a wish? Did you ever question the reason behind this ritual?

Silver, gold, and cooper contain properties that naturally disinfect water and in the past, have even been used in water filters. Although the antibacterial mechanism is still not completely understood, it has been proven that microorganisms and bacteria lose their ability to spread if any of the above-mentioned metals are present. Even without adding chlorine, water remains clean when using either silver, gold, or copper. Throwing coins into water would purify the water for all and therefore be lucky and this is how the tradition of throwing coins into water was born.

Make a colloidal healing water at home
Put pure silver (and a bit of gold – if you have any) on the bottom of a pure copper pan. Make sure all the ingredients are 100 % pure. Add water that has been pre-boiled to the pot, then once it has cooled down it is ready to be used to disinfect wounds and sores, or to be offered as a healing drink. You can also add some natural salt, which will fill your body with natural minerals that your blood naturally contains yet does not produce. Once again do not forget to set the intention as you are making your water as this will increase its healing properties.

You might be interested to know that our bodily fluids, especially our blood are salty, yet our body is unable to produce iodine on its own, thus, we must increase/replenish it by consuming salt. When feeling dehydrated, it means our body is out of the minerals that it is unable to produce itself. A magic mixture of salt, sugar and lemon in lukewarm water will bring our body straight back into balance.

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