Healing clay remains an unexplained phenomenon and up until this day, there is still no way of reproducing it in a lab. It heals open wounds, inflammations and viruses. Its smallest components are so small that they cannot even be seen under a microscope and due to its complicated structure it is impossible to find out how it works. It is an amazing gift from mother nature.

Where does it come from
It comes from granite rock which has transformed over time through erosion from the sun, ice an rain. However, not all clay is healing and it is very important that we chose the right product and one which has not been processed or refined. Scientific research has been carried out on different types of clay and it has been discovered that there is one type which can spread bacteria and one which can kill bacteria.

Micro-particles are essential to the existence of life
One of the most important elements in this healing clay is the silica, which is essential for our existence. Silica has its own 'natural intelligence' as it can spread throughout our body and cells. Once the microparticles reach our cells they have the ability to determine whether or not other particles can enter and this is how viruses and bacteria are eliminated. This is especially important when our immune system is not able to recognize viruses and bacteria and is not able to create the relevant antibodies. Drinking this clay will also detox our intestines, the longest organ in our body.

Let's use it!
Clay can be used to bathe in or as mud therapy to treat cellulite (inflamed tissues). To understand the intensity of its healing powers, imagine that one spoon of clay, mixed in a glass of water equals the active surface of a football pitch. This is why just one spoonful, when consumed on a regular basis, can have an incredible detoxifying effect on your body. It binds bacteria, viruses and radioactive elements, which are then extracted from your body through excrement. As it strengthens your immune system, it also gives energy to the body and reawakens your dormant energy.

The best way to drink clay is to add one spoonful to 2dl of water, leave to stand overnight, then in the morning mix well and drink. Please allow for at least half an hour before you eat. It is recommended to consume daily for three weeks and then to take a ten-day break before you continue. People who drink clay regularly, especially in spring and autumn are less prone to flu, spring fatigue and other seasonal illnesses.

If you have any questions, would like to share your experiences using clay with me or hear about mine, write to me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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