Moon Celebrations

The cycles of the moon have been celebrated in many traditions around the globe for centuries. Some traditions believe that there are certain times during the cycle of the moon, which contain special magic properties, helping us in life and connecting us to ourselves and nature.

There are many chances to tap into lunar energy throughout each single cycle, especially during the new moon, waxing moon, full moon and waning moon. If possible, go out and connect with the moon whilst taking some quiet time for yourself or increase your focus by preparing rituals or special celebrations.

Rituals – Why and How
Rituals help us to bring greater meaning to our lives and to give power to our intentions. When making a ritual, you set your intentions more consciously, connect deeper within and make a firm decision. When your mind is fully present and focused all your actions gain incredible strength and realisation of your goals becomes much more possible.

When preparing a ritual, think what matters to you most. It can be many things: dancing, walking, drawing, writing, cooking, praying, meditating, running, sitting somewhere quiet in nature, burning incense or a candle. When we do anything in life with pure intention, complete presence in the moment and with lots of love, it becomes a ritual.

Rituals during a Moon cycle

1. New Moon Rituals
The new moon is a perfect time to listen to your silent voice from within, trying to tell you what you really need and what is best for you. Your intentions can vary with each cycle as you are constantly changing and so are your needs.

Use whatever activity you prefer for your ritual, write down, draw or visualise your intentions. Setting an intention is actually about committing that you will do your best to make this intention happen. Offer or send it to the universe with a symbolic act and do not forget to keep a reminder somewhere close to you, so you remember to keep on acting towards the set intention. This can be a picture, a stone, or a piece of paper with some words on it, which you put either in a visible place or maybe in your pocket/wallet.

Some ideas for your ritual:

  • Burn a fire and offer your intentions to the fire (written on paper or a stick).
  • Put a small note of your intention together with a herb and a crystal of your choice into a small pouch, think of qualities you are seeking and leave it outside as an offer to the earth and moon. Ask the moon to help you with your actions as well as to cleanse whatever it is that might hinder your success.

It is important that you remain flexible with regards to your intention, so as you set it, ask the universe to bring it to you in a form which is for your highest good. It is possible that you might need to adjust your intention as it starts to come to fruition, face its non-realisation or even realise that you are getting better results than you could have possibly imagined.

2. Waxing Moon Ritual
From setting your intention there is a two-week window when the moon is growing. It is during this time, that you can create small rituals which help you to remember your intention and make you stronger, so you are able to act against any challenges and obstacles.
Your rituals could be just sitting in silence, embracing introspection and hearing your inner voice or visualising yourself acting positively so that the intention set can bear its fruits.

An idea for your ritual:

Gather your favourite objects: pictures, crystals, books, magic herbs, spices or anything you feel connected with that gives you a feeling of safety and confidence. Put them in a special place, where you can see them at all the times. Light the candle, open up a sacred space and enjoy being completely present in the beauty of the moment. Visualise yourself successfully fulfilling your intention or invite the characteristics you are missing, such as love, abundance, or motivation into your life.

3. Full Moon Celebration
The full moon has an impact two days before and after the actual day, yet the best time to celebrate is the night of the full moon.

The activities you pursue on the eve of the full moon depend on the Zodiac sign the Moon is in. According to the time of the year, you can make rituals to celebrate and strengthen the characteristic that each Zodiac sign brings with it or focus on strengthening/sealing your intention.

No matter what you decide to do, one of the most amazing things to do when the weather is nice is to sit up on a hillside waiting for the moon to rise, just be there and enjoy its power cleansing, purifying and fortifying energy. Feel the connection between your body and the moon, ask for intuitive guidance or answers you need in order to bring your intention to completion. When you truly connect, you will feel completely refreshed and reborn after the full moon visit.

Sometimes a full moon is a powerful time to release, purify or let go of old patterns and relationships. Like a snake, you step out of your old skin and allow the transformation to take its path:

  • Use a bowl of water with some rose petals and essential oils. Write down what you wish to let go off, read aloud and wash your hands in the bowl to symbolise the releasing of the old and the coming in of the new.
  • Cast a circle, creating a sacred space, set up an altar and use 4 main elements on each side of the altar: east – air, south – fire, west – water, north – earth. Then honour the full moon either in thought or through a poem. Light a candle and reflect upon all the gifts life has given to you. Express gratitude to the moon once again and think about the changes you have made from your last full moon. Meditate upon the things you are grateful for as well as the things that are not needed in your life any longer which you can leave by the next full moon. After you have finished, close the circle, blow your candle out and sit in silence for a while.

A full moon has a very purifying effect on crystals as well as water and herbs. If you have collected herbs or made some herbal oils, you can request for the full moon to fill them with healing properties and divine feminine force for the highest good of the people who will use them. Leave your crystals out during the night, asking for purification and recharge. Also, leave your drinking water outside while asking for guidance and healing. Use this water for watering plants, give it to animals and share it with your friends.

4. Waning Moon Ritual
When the moon is fading this is a time for rituals, which help you to calm down and get ready to surrender to whatever results may come. Throughout the cycle, you did your best to realise your intentions and it is now time to just remain present, observe, accept and practice patience.
Simple rituals, burning a candle, dried Sage leaves, incense or taking a bath are enough to help you cleanse and get rid of any non-useful baggage, which you collected over the past months. You are now preparing for the new cycle, new full moon and a fresh new start.

Some ideas for your ritual:

  • Take a ritual bath with sea salt, add your favourite herbs or essential oils to relax you and help you get in touch with your true self.
  • Connect to the earth while enjoying some grounding teas or food, stand on the roots of a tree or simply go for a walk through the forest barefoot. Cherish the Moon while being fully present and grounded, hug a tree or sit with your back against it, release all you do not need any longer through its roots into the earth.

A note of precaution:
Whatever you do during the phases of the full moon, choose your activities in the way that you feel completely safe and comfortable with your actions. In this way, it is assured that your rituals will bring beauty and lots of joy. Take guidance here only, experiment and find your own way to celebrate the moon, its cycles and yourself.

If you have any questions, you would like to share your experiences with me, discuss one of the rituals in detail or even learn some new ones write to me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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