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There is a healing force in every plant and animal upon this planet. There is so much we can learn and be given from nature once we know how. So...how can we best use nature to heal ourselves and our wounds? Here are some simple ideas for you to use at home:

There are many ways in which nature can heal. For prevention, one can simply connect with trees and ask for the pain to be released into the earth; you can lay down on the ground and do the same, or take a bath in clean spring water to wash away your sorrows, doubts, past, or anything you do not need any longer.

Grow your own medicine
Another simple way of nurturing yourself is by growing your own food and herbs. Each plant has a memory like you do. Thus, whilst growing seeds it is important to connect with the plant and set the intention, ask for what the plant can help you with or how you would like it to heal you. Whilst taking care of the plant, talk to it, let go of what you do not need any longer, and observe the effects after eating what you grew. The same behaviour can be applied when collecting the ingredients for herbal teas, making lotions or anything else out of natural ingredients. Remember: if you do not ask you will never know.

The power of herbs
Like people, plants have energy: some are more feminine and can help increase tenderness, fertility, femininity, and beauty, whilst others have more of a masculine energy, giving you courage, determination, and strength. To be able to successfully use herbs to achieve the desired change, it is necessary to know their strengths and energy. You will also need to take time to experiment, to get to know and connect to the unique characteristics of each plant and to learn how they can help you. Above all, only use plants once you know exactly what you need them for and how they can help. Using plants for fun will lose their power and energy.

It is important to consider the right timing for picking and drying plants, other than in cases of sudden desires for change/healing and in emergencies.

Some examples of healing herbs and their use
Most plants can influence your state of mind as well as your reality. Below are some examples of what is possible, however, do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to learn more:

  • Apple Tree
    The apple tree is a plant with predominantly feminine energy, connecting to the planet Venus. It has been used to improve health as well as to attract love. The apple represents the symbol of immortality, which is why it has traditionally been used during the Samhain celebrations. Apple blossoms, made into tea, added into lotions or into wax to make candles, can be used to attract love into your life. A very simple act to connect, spread and strengthen love is to share an apple with your lover.

    In cases of sickness, cut an apple in three pieces, rub parts of the body that need healing with the apple and then put all the pieces back into the earth. The best time to do this is during the waning moon.
  • Nettle
    Nettle is a plant with predominantly masculine energy, connecting to the planet Mars. It has been used as a protective plant throughout the centuries. Its protective energy starts by burning the plant and spreading it around your house or holding it in your hands. It also works very well in soup, tea, or in bath water, cleansing the body from negative energy.

    If you find yourself out in the wild one day, then please keep in mind that the roots of a nettle, when tied around your neck will protect you from any wild animals. Overall, nettle is a wonderful plant to embrace in order to connect deeply with nature.
  • Basil
    A commonly used herb, with plenty of masculine energy. A perfect place for basil to grow is in your living room or bedroom as it works as a mediator, reducing conflicts between lovers. When carefully kept in your pocket or purse it brings abundance. If you wish your partner to stay loyal to you forever, spread basil powder over his/her body whilst they are asleep. It really is wondrous and must have herb.
  • Thyme
    When lacking courage, or feeling down, this is one of the best feminine plants to connect with. Even if you just look at it or simply carry a small sprig of it around with you for the day. For a deeper connection drink a cup of thyme tea. A healing bath with marjoram and thyme will help cleanse past worries and troubles.
  • Wild Rose
    Another plant with soothing feminine energies, which awakens joy and happiness within. Roses can encourage joy and luck and awaken a deep pure love from within. Rose water when applied on your temples, reduces headaches and serves as a general protection. Roses or rose petals spread around the house will bring love into relationships.

Healing lotions
The best way to treat physical pains and wounds is with hand-made lotions. The basic formula always remains the same, whereas the extra ingredients will change according to your needs and desires.

Step-by-step guide:

  • Select the healing herbs you want to use in your lotion and let them dry. Please remember to ask for permission and express gratitude before taking anything from nature. Listen to your intuition as sometimes, herbs that traditionally do not hold characteristics to heal specific problems, might change their properties and now be able to heal.
  • Put the dried herbs into a glass and fill up with oil. Use cold pressed oils only as they do not smell once heated.
  • Leave the glass outside in the sun for at least 3 weeks. Ask the sun and moon to charge the ingredients with healing properties. As the glass is heated up by the suns-rays, the herbs will release their healing properties into the oil.
  • Strain the oil until pure liquid remains.
  • Heat the oil with some beeswax until it becomes solid, so it can be used as a cream.
  • Choose a container/tub, if you like you can add a couple of drops of essential oils, as per your needs, then pour the liquid into the container, and leave it to cool and turn into a solid.
  • Apply with love and gratitude. You will be amazed at how fast your wounds will heal.

A note of precaution:
When you start to connect with nature and its energies, it is natural that you might feel overwhelmed by the results and miracles it creates. Please do keep in mind that everything you see on the outside is only a reflection of what is within you. So, do not get distracted too much by the outside world. There are infinite possibilities to discover within you if you are ready to open your mind and senses. Connect with nature, learn from it, and let it inspire you to finally realise your true self and the force that lies within you. You are limitless.

If you have any questions, would like to share your experiences with me, or would like to know more about the properties of other plants you find around you and what you can make out of them, write to me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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