Autumn Harvest

Autumn is a season when we harvest what we have planted and nurtured during the entire year. It is also the time of remembrance of our ancestors and of gratitude towards mother nature for blessing us with all the fruits, which we will be able to use during the cold long winter days.

Time of harvest and remembrance
Autumn time is when the light and hot days of summer come to an end and the time for you to become grounded. With the last colourful leafs falling and the first raindrops touching the ground, you become more thoughtful, ready to take on more responsibilities, and your projects start to come to fruition. The cycle of the year is slowly coming to an end, nature is dying away, this is why you remember your ancestors who used to be living here on earth a long time ago. Knowing that nothing lasts forever and everything passes away, you accept the reality, take what you can best use and let the ground be prepared for new beginnings.

Bountiful activities and tips for colourful autumn time:

Abundance of Colors and Fruits

Autumn is one of most beautiful seasons of the year to be outside in nature. The heat is less, so you can stay outdoors more comfortably. The colours of the trees make you feel joy and there are plenty of fruits on the floor everywhere you go, including apples, pine-cones and grapes. During this time, you will find that there is always so much forgotten harvest to collect on the forest floor. Chestnuts from which you can make flour or roast on an open fire. Acorn, on the other hand, can be roasted and stored to make coffee to keep you warm and strong during the winter.

This is also a perfect time to check whether your herbs are stored safely, oils that have been standing in the sun throughout the summer are gathered up, and your pantry is filled with all the fruits you managed to collect and grow. Make sure you label all the containers and bags properly and prepare some gifts for your friends so you can enjoy them together.

Movement and Harmony

During this time, you can introduce more active exercise or just go for long fast walks in nature. Sun salutations are a great choice. Start slowly with only three rounds a day and add an extra round every two weeks. In this way, once winter comes, you will be fit and ready for intense practice which will keep you warm even on the coldest days.

Autumn is a great time for a massage or learning a new technique such as reflexology, which you can then apply at home during the winter to keep your blood running and body healthy.

Teas and Aromatherapy

Grounding teas and essential oils work best during this time by reconnecting you with mother earth. Pine, cedar, sage, frankincense, juniper and rosemary are good choices to keep calm, focused, grounded and awake at the same time.

By the late autumn use some echinacea tea to boost your immune system before a great seasonal change. Burning some dry leaves of sage around the house is a great idea to let the old souls and stagnating energy release back to the source and allow earth as well yourself to rest.

Story Telling and Gatherings

When the days get shorter and cold wind starts to blow, we bring colours into our lives through gatherings and celebrating our harvest. Most of the fruits you find in the forest or in fields can be roasted on an open fire, whilst gathering with a family, friends and those you love most, telling stories and sharing beautiful memories.

Learn from your harvest
Once again, dare to experiment, fail and start anew with a smile on your face. Find out your own recipes and share them with people you love. Get more conscious of yourself and present in your natural environment, whilst learning from your own harvest.

If you have any questions, or you would like to share your experiences with me, discuss any of the tips in detail or even learn some new ones write to me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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