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Have you ever wondered how self-esteem and well-being are connected? When we are satisfied and happy with ourselves, we shine with positive energy and express ourselves much more than when we feel down and unhappy with ourselves. When we are happy, our positive attitude attracts positive outcomes. Ayurveda logically unveils how this hidden connection works.

The science of Ayurveda explains, that in order for our cells to survive, they need to have their own sense of self. Each cell represents a centre of intelligence and awareness and when a cell is able to keep its sense of self, it maintains its shape and functions to the best of its ability. When cells start losing their intelligence and awareness, they die, resulting in immune disorders and diseases. Therefore, according to Ayurveda, self-esteem is not only crucial for us to feel good, it is also vital for our health and the proper functioning of our cells.

We are the decision makers!
We do not have a fixed amount of cells but one hundred billion cells dividing, multiplying and growing anew in our body every day! Moreover, thousands of errors occur every day when our cells are dividing but our body manages to fix them due to its innate wisdom and cellular rejuvenation mechanism. The latest research in Epigenetics confirms the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, showing that despite our inherited genes, it is actually our choice as to whether we make these genes fail or develop them to their full potential. Therefore, being aware of how we can impact the functioning of our cells can positively contribute to healing and long-term well-being.

Cancer – a disease created by ancient yogis
Cancer has been known as the disease created by ancient yogis so they could leave their bodies after fulfilling their life purpose. Indeed, there have been some yogis, for example, Swami Rama, who under scientific supervision proved that diseases such as cancer are created by the mind. He proved this by creating and healing cancer in only half a day.

Interestingly, cancer outbreaks happen when cellular intelligence and self-esteem is lacking. Before cancerous cells die, they lose their self-esteem and start to grow separate from the body. Then a conflict of interest arises between the modified and healthy cells. Yet, the outcome of the conflict depends on the intelligence of the healthy cells. When a person lacks self-esteem and self-respect, the cancerous cells will easily conquer the healthy cells, ending with their death. For thousands of years, ancient yogis have been practising techniques, to enable them to control their involuntary system and strengthen their self-esteem, bringing balance back into their body and even curing cancer.

Self-esteem is a reflection of our soul's well-being
Self-esteem not only helps keep our cells alive and strong but it also keeps our soul alive and healthy. When our self-esteem is established, we are connected with our deepest inner sense of self-value and respect. It shows our ability to live in accordance with our needs and fully realise our life purpose. It also means we are able to not only identify with our personality (the I) but also with our soul, which holds all the answers and is able to guide us. The connection between our self-esteem and our soul is then reflected in our actions: instead of blaming ourselves or others and complaining about a situation, we will look for ways to improve the situation. We will remain positive no matter the situation and look to find positive results for us as well as for others, leading to greater wealth and balance. 

Practical tips to increase your cellular intelligence and rejuvenation:

  1. Practice awareness: Being in touch with your body takes time and lots of patience. It is all about taking the time to observe your body, diet, and lifestyle in a way that makes a difference. This may be harder to do if you are not motivated by a disease, yet it is definitely still worth a try if you are completely healthy.
  2.  Personalise your self-care: In order to take the best care of yourself, it is necessary to get to know yourself first. What makes you feel better and what makes you feel worse? Only once you are aware of these factors can you start making choices to make you feel better at all times. When you do this you will be able to empower your health-esteem and take control, instead of having to hand your power over to a practitioner, medicine or the disease itself.

    A technique for tracking your personal data
    Food to mood tracker: list everything you eat, how often you eat, how many times you open your bowels, which food supplements/vitamins you take and how often you take them, and when you sleep. Also, write down how you feel emotionally several times per day and list any aches or pains you experience and the time they occurred. Finally, use coloured pencils to objectively analyse the collected data, look at any possible connections and then make small consistent changes to your diet and sleep patterns and observe hows things change. Little by little you will notice the change and experience positive health and well-being.
  3. Find time for innocent and relaxed play, touch, nature, and healing music: It has been proven that your body heals most when you are acting naturally, spontaneous and feel relaxed. The best way to get into this relaxed state is to simply spend time in nature or learn to play like a child again. This will bring your brainwaves naturally into a relaxed state.

    Your cells are also constantly instructed by either their genetic or surrounding environment, so pay attention as to where you spend most of your time and how it makes you feel. Research has proven that music influences well-being, therefore, choose music that makes you feel strong, connected with yourself and happy, as consequently, this will positively impact your self-esteem and well-being.

    Last but not least, do not underestimate the importance of human touch. Receiving a hug is a form of recognition as it gives the body and soul the feeling of acceptance and love, healing it from deep within. There has been a saying that each human being needs at least 12 hugs per day in order to remain healthy and happy.
  4. Engage in relaxing practice such as qigong, yoga, pranayama, yoga nidra or visualisations: It has been proven by many people that practising visualisation techniques can greatly improve your health. All you need to do is visualise for a couple of minutes daily, simply follow your natural breath into relaxation, then visualise your body being cleansed of all negative thoughts and emotions, completely purified and calm. You can also bathe in cleansing fresh spring water or the sea and set the intention to let go of any ailments, pain or negativity. If possible repeat this activity daily. For more advanced practices, please do get in touch with me or contact an experienced practitioner. 

Love is the answer
Let's conclude with an Ayurvedic mantra – being able to love and accept yourself as you are, in the present moment of here and now. When you learn to develop confidence, feel joy in every moment of your being just as you are, you always win because you have managed to train your immune system as well as your cellular intelligence to remain strong and healthy no matter what.

If you have any questions, would like to share your thoughts or experiences with me or learn more about how to strengthen your cellular intelligence in practice, please write to me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Partly inspired by: Lad, Vasant (1998). The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies. Three Rivers Press: New York.

DISCLAIMER: Please use the following information to purely inform and educate yourself. Please do not use the information to treat, cure or prevent any diseases. In cases of serious or chronic health concerns, please consult a trained health care professional or contact me. Also, please check with your doctor before taking any herbs or essential oils if your are pregnant, breastfeeding or suffer from any mental imbalances.

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