"To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders."

Lao Tzu

Relaxation and Silence

Techniques for simplicity of controlling our mind, enhanced inner peace and relaxation.

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Only when we are silent do deeply hidden thoughts and patterns, that in typically wild everyday life we do not notice, arise to the surface. Social media and society set the framework by which we in modern times assess and adapt ourselves. When we disconnect from ourselves, we start to believe we have to live by the instructions from others and society. A fast pace of life, decrease in body movement and long working hours significantly impact our health and well-being. We often continue working late into the night and also into our dreams. Thus, our body has no chance to relax and regenerate. The result is dissatisfaction with oneself, fatigue, insomnia, heart palpitations, stomach problems, and depression. It takes only a few minutes a day to take time and engage in deep conscious relaxation, which can completely alter our sense of being and help us to reconnect with our true self.


Deep Relaxation

With the use of traditional techniques for relaxation and a peaceful mind, we are able to: reduce stress and pain, relax our breath, free ourselves from fear, and improve our blood circulation, digestion, concentration, sleep, and posture. Overall we feel better and enhance the feeling of inner peace. Only 15 minutes of deep relaxation is required since it is equivalent to one hour of deep sleep. Selected techniques are suitable for all ages and can be taken home to be used in your private space.

A systematic method of triggering complete physical, mental and psychological relaxation through guided 60 minute private or group sessions is available. During relaxation, our consciousness enters the hypnagogic state in which our mind is extremely susceptible. Suggestions made during this time help direct our mind to achieve life goals or to give up unhealthy habits.

Observe Silence

Being in silence can help us better understand and acknowledge ourselves. Moreover, when we sit in silence and observe ourselves, we often get an idea or thought that could tomorrow develop into a global innovation. The positive effects from the use of meditation and relaxation techniques has become a compulsory part of the everyday life of successful people all around the world.

Private or group sessions take us on a journey within: we learn to apply diaphragmatic breathing, practice techniques to calm our mind, observe our natural flow of breath and thoughts, learn techniques that one can apply whilst practising silence such as silent and contemplation walking, conscious eating as well as the practice of equanimity. All techniques are based on the traditional knowledge and tradition of old Indian masters and are suitable for daily use at home.


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