"Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen."

Shakti Gawain

Refloxology and Marmas

Intensive stimulation of the mechanisms of self-healing and well-being.

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Reflexology and acupressure are used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as a fundamental form of therapy for preventing diseases and promoting our self-healing mechanisms. Just a few of the benefits of reflexology and acupressure are: optimal functioning of all physiological systems is encouraged, skeletal and muscular systems are balanced, and stress is reduced through the relaxation of nervous and muscular-skeletal systems.



Reflexology represents one of the oldest techniques of natural healing. Reflexology underlines the fact that each body part is reflected both in our feet and our hands. Through the examination of our feet and hands, reflexology helps us to relieve psychological imbalances and improves overall health and well-being.

    Reflex massage is where certain reflex points of the foot are stimulated, using prescribed techniques of pressure, which positively affect the appropriate organ and/or body structures, waking up circulation and thereby contributing to a faster treatment of internal organ and general well-being.
    By massaging and applying pressure to the reflex points of both hands, we help to improve blood flow, increase the exchange of oxygen in the blood as well as assist with the release of toxins from the body. For an optimum result, it is recommended to combine hand reflexology with the foot reflexology.

A weekend workshop or short evening session will equip you with the basic knowledge for self-practice and healing at home. Individual foot/hand reflexology sessions which last between 30−60 minutes are also available.

Marma Acupressure

In the body, we have 108 vital points, where life energy for the needs of body and soul are stored, maintained and transformed. With the help of Marma acupressure and the use of essential oils, we manage to maintain and re-establish a natural flow of energy throughout the body. Marma points are used as a switch when they are opened, the body glows in the influx of fresh energy. Marma therapy helps in the prevention and treatment of imbalances in the body, balances digestion, alleviates female reproductive pains, releases toxins, relieves insomnia, promotes detoxification, increases metabolism and regenerates the body and mind.

In a weekend workshop or short evening sessions, you will learn basics to apply for self-practice at home. An individual 90 minute taster session, adapted to each individual is also available.


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