"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."

Lao Tzu

Herbs and Aromas

We learn to connect with nature and the source of our natural beauty from within.

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Every season offers a variety of plants with different characteristics. It is only when we take time to observe what typically happens in nature during a certain season; how animals change their habits and which plants blossom, do we understand what is best and most needed for our body and soul.


Healing Herbs

Our ancestors were aware to respect the power of natural herbs. They knew there was a flower growing for every mind/body complaint. Using special techniques to grow, pick, and store flowers and herbs enables us to create a wonderful natural pharmacy to help heal even the deepest of aches and pains.

Private sessions and workshops are available throughout the year. During the session we will go for a nature walk, getting to know the healing herbs and flowers, and the best way to collect, dry and store them. We will also create magic lotions and potions together, which will keep us healthy and happy.


The scent of herbs or essential oils squeezed out of plants can directly impact our subconscious mind, restore vitality, relieve pain, strengthen our immune system, and generally make us happy. There are as many essential oils as there are plants, each with their own characteristics. To know which oil to use for which occasion is a true science (known as Aromatherapy) that we will start to experiment with.

On this course, you will learn about natural laws, how to use herbs and hydrosols to create a relaxing atmosphere as well as oils to use for massage. Upon request, a basic method of relaxing massage for home practice can be taught.

Natural Beauty

Natural and true beauty doesn't need embellishments. Its source stems from the centre of our being. You will learn how to emphasize the power of nature for a healthy, vital and happy appearance. With the help of traditional and natural techniques, you will learn how to cultivate youthful appearance and skin. Together we will test ancient recipes for the preparation of cosmetic products for your skin, body and spirit.

Intensive private courses and workshops will guide you into deep relaxation and help you to shine from the inside out. You will return home equipped with knowledge and confidence to practice different techniques of preserving your youthful image individually and how to re-create our own products for skin care.


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