"It is never too late to be what you might have been."

George Elliot

Body Balance and Breath

Relaxed, gentle movements and breathing which completely rejuvenate one’s body and mind.

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In modern times, when being competent is cherished as one of the most rewarding characteristics; when our constant activity and rushing about represents a normality; the traditional qualities such as calmness, gentle movement and empathy sink into oblivion. However, it is exactly the gentle, regenerative, yin movement in connection with deep, conscious breathing, which is of great importance for maintaining our well-being and a balanced life in this modern era.


Establishing a Morning Routine

The way we get up in the morning impacts our life much more than we think. Having a healthy morning routine has shown to have many positive benefits, such as:

  • We feel more energetic, positive and healthier.
  • Stress levels are reduced as we start the day practising techniques to balance our mind and encourage a positive attitude.
  • We intentionally create time for ourselves, which results in greater focus, effectiveness and success in all levels of our life.

During the sessions, we will create an individual program tailored to your specific needs, combined with regular exercise for effortless practice at home. All programmes are prepared in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the Ayurvedic system of treatment. Great improvement in your physical and mental well-being is assured.

Yin Rejuvenation

Regenerative practice, using simple therapeutic postures, enables us to remain in the same posture for a long period of time, allowing our body to adjust and relax. When we consciously draw our attention to our body and our breath, we learn to listen to our inner core and our body. The practice is recommended especially for those, who after a long workday need time to consciously withdraw within for some gentle physical relaxation. The practice is suitable for all ages and levels. Previous practice is not required.

One on one sessions are available, where you can choose to be guided into relaxation or you can learn a sequence for home practice. Workshops are organised in accordance with the interested group and last between 75–90 minutes. Comfortable clothes and a bottle of water are recommended for all sessions/workshops. Please do bring your mat, a pillow and a blanket with you.

Science of Breath

The key to perfect self-mastery is the science of breath. Ancient yogis living in secret caves in the Himalayas managed to preserve helpful practices and breathing techniques for centuries. After years of studies, modern science nowadays shows that it is indeed possible to gain control over our brain function, especially our unconscious mind, by learning to manipulate our breathing. By increasing our awareness and control of subtle aspects of breathing, new avenues open to holistic health, balanced personal growth and everlasting happiness.

Knowledge and techniques as taught in secret caves in the Himalayas are available for you to practice and to experience their benefits. Private sessions will teach you to: connect with your breath, stimulate diaphragmatic breathing, observe your natural flow of breath and thoughts, and finally experience a peace of mind. Selected techniques are suitable for all ages. Previous practice is not required.


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