"The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well."


Ayurveda - Science of Life

Practical use of ancient wisdom for vitality and long life.

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Ayurveda is an ancient science, originating in India 5000 years ago. Its focus lies on preventative and healing therapies as well as diverse methods of purification and rejuvenation. Ayurvedic treatments and tools include nutrition, natural herbal medicine, detox, massage, yoga and meditation.


Introduction to Ayurveda

What is Ayurveda? What is my dosha? By answering these and many other questions, you will get to know:

  • The history of the oldest healing practice known today.
  • The unique combination of five elements that determine a person’s dosha or unique constitution.
  • The reasons behind the imbalances in doshas as well as in the body.
  • The experience of positive changes to health and well-being by purely modifying lifestyle and diet.

Based on individual preferences the complete course takes between 5 to 10 sessions. The Introduction to Ayurveda course prepares you to start practising and experimenting with Ayurvedic principles at home only.

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Food is energy which gives life. Our nutritional needs and digestion are affected daily by natural rhythms and changes, which we all experience. Therefore, it is important to consume food compatible with our constitution, as well as according to the weather and our environment. Ayurveda teaches about the importance of conscious eating and gratitude. In order to have a healthy body and mind, it is essential to eat food which is fresh, ecologically grown and delicious. When we eat with love, this helps to satisfy all our senses. The process of digestion begins with the saliva in our mouth, which then stimulates our senses.

You will gain knowledge and understanding about best food combinations for different types and constitutions, how to mix food for improved digestion and performance, how and when to eat, and how the seasonal changes in nature influence your eating habits.

The Ayurvedic Nutrition course prepares you for in-depth practice and experimentation with Ayurvedic principles at home only.

Ayurvedic Counseling

An individual counselling session, where you will be given advice on the appropriate use of nutrition and herbs, daily and seasonal routines, physical activity, appropriate forms of relaxation and meditation according to the Ayurvedic typology of your mental-physical type.

Ayurvedic counselling is also highly recommended in cases of chronic illness and discomfort.


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