wild feminine

A woman connected with her feminine soul is a woman living her true nature. A nature that women have passed over from generation to generation in order to be preserved and sustained. It is a gift that every woman has, but in this day and age, only a few embrace it. How do we find and live it?

There is no need to abandon society
Being true to your nature and free as a woman does not mean that you have to abandon your life and your civilised manners, become wild and run through deserts and forests like a maniac. It also does not mean you need to become ungrounded and float away into a new reality that is far away from what real life offers. NO. A woman embracing her true feminine is a woman living a modern life and completely grounded with both feet strongly on the floor. She is a pillar of strength and inspiration to all the women that have lost their connection with their true feminine self.

It might not be easy to free yourself and reconnect with your wild feminine and divine-self, it might take lots of practice and effort and even take your entire lifetime. Yet this does not matter. What matters is that you take your first step. 

The woman who runs with wolves
In this old fable, there is a saying about a place in a desert where the spirit of a woman and a wolf reunite at the perfect time. In the middle of a desert, beneath a river, an old wise lady keeps collecting wolf bones until one day, many years later the entire skeleton is complete. Then during the next full moon, she sits down next to the fire, fully connected with the flames and starts singing a song from the heart. The more she connects and the deeper and stronger her voice becomes, the more the wolf skeleton reawakens, it grows muscles, skin, and a soul until it turns back into a wolf. However, under the ray of the full moon, the wolf then turns into a woman, completely free and divine, released back to her savage nature, her home.

The metaphor of the story of resurrection
This story of resurrection as many other stories we find in different traditions is not a story about a miracle. The stories of Osiris, Isis and Horus, Jesus Christ, Demeter and Persephone all represent a metaphor for a journey of transformation that each of us is about to start at a certain point in our lives to enable us to find and connect to our true divine self. They represent the possibility we all have to transform our lives if we choose to do so.

The story of resurrection starts with reconnecting the lost parts of the self that lie in various parts of our subconsciousness, one after another, until we find all of them, then sit down deeply connected with our inner-self, so deep that we can hear our inner voice becoming louder and stronger, letting go of what needs to die and making space for the new. Reawakening the bond with our intuition and profound wisdom we have kept hidden or denied to listen to during all the years of disconnection. This is the moment when we are able to hear the voice of our soul.

The wise old lady from underneath
The wise old lady is not as much a person as it is an essence that has had many names from different traditions. It is the voice within that we just know. It lies deep within and can be reached only by looking inwards rather than by following what’s on the outside. It is where the 'I' and 'YOU' dissolve, where the mind and instinct reunite and where a woman resurrects and runs with the wolves, wild and free. It is a metaphor for finding the natural, true-self every woman already has within, yet does not know how to connect to it, listen to it, or express it fully and completely. It is what it is and cannot be copied, it is infinite and filled with love and creative force.

Saying this, the light we bring to life in a process of transformation is not coming so much from our hearts as it is coming from our ovaries, where our divine feminine force is stored. If we deny this force, we deny the entire savage primordial feminine force within us. We also deny ourselves as a woman. However, remember you can silence and push away your spirit yet you cannot kill it! 

Ask yourself a question:
Before you make your first step and you start to recollect your lost bones that represent a metaphor for your indestructible soul – bones even survive cremation and are considered indestructible – ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I hear the voice of my soul and if not, where is it hiding?
  • What bones are missing in my life?
  • How connected am I to my intuition?
  • When was I last completely free and unoccupied?
  • How do I reach a life worth living?

After a short reflection, make a conscious decision to reconnect with the lost parts of yourself. There are different ways to open the door to this journey, you can either: develop a deep love for nature and fully connect to it, meditate and spend time in silence by yourself, love yourself more and take the time you need for yourself to do what makes you happy, or listen to ancient stories that reveal deep wisdom and eternal truths. Whichever you decide to follow it will allow you to gradually uncover the depths of your soul.

There is an old belief that still holds true for those who are ready to embrace it that being reconnected with your wild feminine soul means being young when you are old and being old when you are young! 

If you have any questions, would like to share your thoughts with me or join me on your quest to uncover your wild feminine, please write to me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Inspired by: Clarissa Pinkole Estes (2004) Mujeres que corren con los lobos. Barcelona: NOVOPRINT.

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